A complete health & fitness package with challenging workouts, an extensive nutrition plan that’s not only delicious but will help you achieve your goals even faster, and quality advice and guidance every step of the way.

Plan X is designed to transform and change your lifestyle for the better. 

Lose Weight

Gain Muscle

Bespoke Programmes

Healthy & Delicious Recipes

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What is Plan X?

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just start and stop in the gym, it’s a complete package if you want to make a permanent change. Plan X sets you up with all the tools you need to start making the right choices for your health, fitness and nutrition.

The best part? You’ll have fun doing it.

Through your app, you’ll be able to access your totally bespoke fitness and nutrition plans, including a daily meal plan with recipes and instructions, which you can choose based on your dietary preferences. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or have any allergies or dislikes (like mushrooms, yuck) we’ll put your meal plan together, personalised to you - we've even added a shopping list, to make your life easier.

While the insane transformation your body will undergo is a beautiful perk, Plan X is much more than a fat loss programme. It’s a tool to help you make more educated decisions in the longterm when it comes to health, which will positively impact not only your physical, but also your mental health.


Plan X Bootcamp


This 12-week transformation is built to change your body and lifestyle. It will help kickstart your health and fitness journey, or if you're already a little bit more experienced, we tailor your plan to take your exercise regime to the next level.

Every 4 weeks, you’ll do a check in, and your plan will be tweaked and updated to suit your new goals and body stats. This way, the plan evolves with you, and you’ll avoid hitting a plateau.

This version of Plan X is excellent for accountability and those who want to follow a structured plan and come out the other side changed, physically and mentally. It's jam packed with challenging HIIT sessions and you're guaranteed to see some incredible results in just 12 weeks.



This ongoing plan is designed entirely around your specific goals and preferences. This means we capture all of your current stats, as well as your fitness and nutrition goals, so we can go and make your personalised workout programme and meal plan.

At the start we will ask you for your weight and measurements and your fitness and nutrition goals; we will then design a personalised workout programme and meal plan specifically for you

Every 4 weeks, you’ll do a check in, and your plan will be tweaked and updated to suit your new goals and body stats. This way, the plan evolves with you, and you’ll avoid hitting plateaus. 

This version of Plan X is excellent for accountability and those who need an ongoing routine and support. Our support team will be there for you, every step of the way, and you can work out from anywhere, at any time, with the added benefit of your plans always being accessible, right there in your pocket.

Meet The Team

Dean Burchell

Director, former Royal Marines Commando, rugby coach, level 3 personal trainer, qualified chef and nutrition advisor. Sympathy level for anything – 0!

Ben May 

Director, AfN (Association for Nutrition) certified Nutrition and Weight Management advisor, Business and Technology specialist with 20 years experience. Loves a good massage and facial!

Dr Holly May

MChiro LCC MSc APP Paeds DC. Holly, is a chiropractor with over 12 years experience and published work. Recently embarking on a master’s degree in Human Nutrition at Plymouth University. Sympathy level – 10, to make up for Dean!


Former bistro pub owner, nutrition advisor, vegetarian specialist and marketing officer. Outdoor enthusiast, Mother Earth.


Marketing, Sales and Sponsorship Manager. Social Media Support. Event Organiser. Demo Girl & gym wear specialist!

Pete Howe

New Plan X coach and Head of Strength and Conditioning! He served in the Royal Marine Commandos as a PTI, represented Team GB in various sports and a gym owner for the past ten years.


She is a level 3 Personal Trainer and online coach. With a background in competitive gymnastics, her biggest reward is members' success in their health & fitness journeys.



£175 one-off

  • 12-week transformation workout programme
  • Daily HIIT sessions
  • ​Video instructions
  • ​Personalised meal plan & shopping list
  • ​Healthy, tasty recipes
  • ​Hands-on support
  • Easy-to-use app
  • ​Desktop members area


Plan X

£20 monthly

  • Ongoing custom workout programme
  • ​Video instructions
  • ​Personalised meal plan & shopping list
  • ​Healthy, tasty recipes
  • ​Monthly progress check-ins so your plan evolves with you
  • ​Hands-on support
  • ​Easy-to-use app
  • ​Desktop members area


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